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+I’ve never done yoga before. Do you have a class for beginners?

Short answer: yes! Take the quiz to be matched with exactly what you’re hoping yoga will help you achieve. In the meantime, a great place to start is with The Essentials, Refine or if there is an Absolute Beginner Workshop going on be sure to complete that series (not required to complete before beginning)

+Do I need to bring anything with me?

If you have a yoga mat, bring it with you. If not, we provide mats to borrow during class. Other than a mat, no special equipment is needed. Other optional things to bring: small towel to wipe sweaty hands or head and a water bottle. Sometimes props are used during classes (blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets) and all of those will be supplied by Rise. Oh, an open mind is pretty helpful too.

+What do I wear??

Yoga is typically done barefoot and you’ll want to wear comfortable clothes. Nothing too loose, nothing too tight.

+Do I have to register?

Nope. Although we like it when you do. Registering for classes allows us to best prepare for you! We always accept walkins to regular classes, however workshops and special events can sell out.

+ Can I pay with a credit card?

We accept credit cards, checks, and cold hard cash.

+ Anything else I need to know before I go?

It is helpful to arrive 10-15 minutes before class to give you time to settle in. During that time, take a second to silence your phone, check yourself into class on the ipad on the desk, find a spot to unroll your mat, gather any props needed, let your instructor know of any injuries you might be dealing with that day, fill your water bottle, empty your bladder, say hi to those in class with you, and mentally center and prepare yourself for class.