Class Descriptions:

Awakening flow:

Start your day off right with a strong vinyasa flow practice. A vinyasa flow class moves quickly, with the breath, through each pose. Focuses on strength, flexibility and endurance. Each week we'll focus on a different area of the body and will also include a variety of inversions, arm balances or other poses if you want to challenge yourself. So invigorating you may not even need coffee!

Equanimity flow:

“e·qua·nim·i·ty: mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation”

Taught in the vinyasa (breath-to-movement) style, this class invites you to move with intention, to breathe with intention, guiding you into a moving meditation stretching, strengthening and balancing all aspects of mind and body. Modifications are offered to meet you wherever you are

igniting flow:

ig·nite catch fire or cause to catch fire; arouse or inflame (an emotion or situation)

Taught in the Vinyasa breath-to-movement style, this class also provides elements of a slow burn. Movements may include longer holds to bring more heat into the muscles which allows for deeper stretching. Wisdom and stories woven into the sequencing allows to the heart and mind to alight on deep truths and fan the flames of purpose and passion. 

vitality flow:

vi·tal·i·ty: the state of being strong and active; energy; the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things

This Vinyasa-based class moves breath-to-movement, but possibly taking that breath and movement and coaxing more life out of it. Vitality Flow brings creative sequencing with intention to invite you to feel more energetic, more alive. All living things are made up of the elements. These classes will have moments of each element with rhythms of earth (stillness), water (motion), fire (strengthening), and as always, air (the breath). We'll finish each class with the deep, sweet rest of savasana at the end.


Chair Yoga is a gentle approach to yoga. This class is accessible to anyone, & practiced using a chair for extra support. Practicing yoga in this way will improve strength, flexibility, & balance. You will be lead through poses that allow you to feel safe & supported.


You’re no longer an absolute beginner but still seek the fundamental knowledge of yoga. This is your place. Together we will be learning all the essential poses, breathing, stretching, modifications, & terms to make this practice your own. Monday nights are based on the Hatha Yoga tradition and Iyengar influences Tuesday’s sequencing.


Slow down & enjoy a flow. First preparing the mind + body, warming the muscles to the idea of holds, and then settling. Finish close to the earth with a refreshing & relaxing yin mixture.

Tai Chi:

The ancient art and exercise of tai chi is based on several principles. Among them are slow, smooth, continuous movements, proper weight shifts, an erect but relaxed posture, slow deep breathing, a loosening of joints from within, and having a calm and focused mind. “It’s an antidote to our busy day to day lives, and the release of calming chemicals in the brain energizes and relaxes us. With tai chi’s basis in nature, especially balance, yin and yang, it helps to balance us, so we’re able to slow down, and be better equipped to handle life’s ups and downs,” Says Suzie Lux, our resident tai chi expert.